We are a 100% Mexican company

Company 100% Mexican of natural gas that is dedicated to the exploration and extraction of hydrocarbons in Mexico. Currently our range of operation is in the Burgos Basin in northeastern Mexico.

Our Process


GPA Energy makes a seismic exploration of the land and according to a study information that allows experts to interpret and qualify the potential location for drilling wells is performed.


After scanning, the pit with all their parameters designed initiating drilling and subsequently discharging natural gas pipelines to PEMEX.


Operates in an automated way measuring station Santa Elena linking all pipelines in the region, with a running 24 hours a day with the latest technology in their field, only one of its kind in Mexico.

Production and maintenance

Study and testing of wells drilled and their behavior in order to maintain the production of hydrocarbons, looking to extend its full productive life are developed. Ducts are also defined to transport the oil to the consumption centers. Using the latest technology in gas treatment equipment for dehydration and hydrogen sulfide removal is performed. Wells and infrastructure facilities, 365 operating days per year.

We stand out in the market because we base our work on a series of detailed seismic, geological, petrophysical and planning, to help us achieve hydrocarbon reservoirs with the highest productivity in our processes.

The Natural Gas delivered by GPA Energy to PEMEX is used mostly for industrial use, to be consumed in the production process of steel mills and lime production.