Our operations are role model

Where we operate?

GPA Energy conducts its operations in the Gulf of Sabinas Basin, an area that is part of the Burgos Basin.

Currently operates a pipeline of 65 km., 25 km and 23.5 km, with a capacity of natural gas flow of 310 million cubic feet. These pipelines are initiated in the areas of production and end up in the measurement area POS Santa Elena in the city of Hazel, providing services to all companies in Monclova and Region. We are the only company that makes and controls the running of devils directly with its employees.

GPA Energy has a service parts warehouse to respond immediately to any need.

Additional GPA Energy built and currently operates the Santa Elena station where you have an area measurement and delivery of natural gas from wells in Abasolo, Santa Gertrudis and Monclova. With a 24-hour working day, the station operates in an automated way with the latest technology in their field, one of its kind in Mexico.

PEMEX used as a national model, the technology and operation of Santa Elena.